You can always get bookkeepers for small business but if your firm is of a manageable size and you have the time, you can do your own bookkeeping, either manually or via the help of certain specialized software. Doing it yourself means a couple of advantages for you like the fact that you save on a bookkeeper’s costs plus you keep the finances of your small business a private matter, instead of having an outsider know what’s going on. On the other hand, bookkeeping isn’t exactly as simple as people seem to think and additionally, most of the time owners of businesses however small, have a number of other matters to attend to without having this extra job to look after as well.

Hiring Bookkeepers For Small Business

Hiring bookkeepers for small business is nothing too complicated. What you need is someone who you can put your trust in, someone who is experienced in his job, one who listens to your advice as well as a person who can advise you if necessary. One of the bets ways to find a good accountant for your business is to go by word of mouth. In your field you are sure to have acquaintances who have similar requirements or know people in the accountancy field. Talk to your colleagues and friends about getting a trusted bookkeeper for your small business and there is a big chance you will get a number or two to call. If this doesn’t work, go online and search for bookkeepers in your area or city. Many bookkeepers often offer lower rates for permanent contracts or to first time customers as a trial. Be sure to look particularly for a bookkeeper who knows his way around a small business or has experience in working in one, because the needs of a big business are quite different from the needs of a small business. A thing to keep in mind whenever you hire your bookkeeper is that he is only hired to look after your accounts and books, not to do any decision making on your behalf unless you explicitly state it. Therefore it is essential that you always keep up with whatever work your bookkeeper is doing.

Doing Your Own Bookkeeping

You can easily do your firm’s bookkeeping yourself if you are so inclined. It would be in your best interests though to look up some bookkeeping tutorials online and learn some of the basic methods of ding things. Or you could even get a professional qualification or diploma in some sort of accountancy field. There are many universities as well that offer long distance learning courses that you can take up as well.


If you yourself are a bookkeeper who specializes in small businesses then it is vital that you get bookkeeper insurance. This is due to the fact that the service you are providing is very important in nature, and mistakes are only human. Therefore by getting insurance you can protect yourself in the scenario that you mess up someplace. So, keep this point in mind even if you opt for expert bookkeepers for small business.

Source by Robert Fogarty